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When the underlying concept of blockchain was brought to life in 2008, the world was far from understanding the opportunities it would bring with it. As the concept’s most promising use case, namely Bitcoin, got extensive coverage by both media and investors due to Bitcoin’s dramatic price surge in 2017, banks started to increasingly get involved with the technology. Accordingly, it was also time for RBI to head towards hands-on exploration of promising applications in financial services – The Blockchain Hub, as it is known today, was formed. RBI Blockchain Hub is the overarching vehicle in RBI Group responsible for driving, monitoring and steering all blockchain developments in RBI. In order to develop the strategic understanding of the impact of blockchain technology onto business, it maintains collaborations with other banks, FinTechs and our own business lines. The main goal is to propose and evaluate use cases bearing high potentials and provide necessary groundwork for implementation.

RBI Blockchain Blog is focused on providing exclusive insight on blockchain initiatives within the RBI Group and a comprehensive overview of events in the blockchain space. Started by the RBI Blockchain Hub, this blog also features a great source of educational materials that will help you gain an understanding of what blockchain is and why it’s so powerful.

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