RBI Blockchain Days 2018

“The Blockchain Days” conference was a two-day event hosted by Group Digital Banking on November 14th-15th 2018. The event featured industry presentations, a panel discussion, dedicated workshops and trainings about the topic of blockchain and ecosystem building in the fields of trade finance, cross-border payments, identity, and markets.

Beside participants from RBI and NWBs, keynote speakers, such as the founder of the Crypto-Valley- Mr. Oliver Bussmann, R3 consortia consisting of 200 banks, IBM and Ripple, were brought together to share their knowledge and experiences in terms of blockchain. The special focus was placed on real-life applications of the technology, such as the issuance of the bank guarantee on blockchain for the purpose of conducting a mutual trade finance transaction between Raiffeisen Bank Russia and Raiffeisen Bank Belarus. Participants also had an opportunity to learn about the issuance of the world’s first digital mortgage on blockchain by Raiffeisen Bank Russia. The panel discussion on examining the future of trade finance and blockchain triggered an exchange of viewpoints among industry experts and provided broad perspective on the topic.

The conference highlighted the Raiffeisen Bank’s efforts to continue exploring the blockchain technology and to capitalize on its potentials.