Billon – Blockchain-based Tokenization Platform

What is it? 

RBI Coin is a next generation digital cash solution for inter-bank and inter-company payments to streamline a cash and liquidity management and introduce new banking products to corporate customers.

Why do we do it? 

Current market developments show big potential in decentralized finance through crypto assets.  Financial institutions around the world are already launching production-ready cases in this field, and RBI needs to obtain a know-how in the field of tokenization in order to maintain a competitive edge.  

Who is participating? 

RBI has teamed up with Billon, a Polish company with a proven track record in building enterprise-level blockchain solutions, in order to develop a blockchain-based digital cash platform with capabilities to mint, transfer and redeem tokenized fiat currencies, such as Euro. Currently, Raiffeisen Bank International is testing the solution within the restricted scope of Raiffeisen Network Banks in Austria and CEE, designed to keep the complexity to minimum and successfully evaluate the potential of the technology.